Ad-Hoc Pandemic Response Group

We are a subgroup of former members of President Obama's
Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Members are: John P. Holdren, Christine Cassel, Christopher Chyba,
Susan L. Graham, Eric S. Lander, Richard C. Levin, Ed Penhoet, William Press,
Maxine Savitz, and Harold Varmus.

The members of the subgroup serve as individuals working
on their own time, not as representatives of their institutions.
The effort has no sponsors and no budget.

Our reports and recommendations regarding the coronavirus
pandemic are posted here as they become available.

Recommendations for the National Strategic Pandemic-Response Stockpile (Report, 5/20/2020)   (PDF)

"We need to replenish our stockpile of PPE immediately" (Letter, The Washington Post, 7/16/2020)   (PDF)

The Role of Contact Tracing in the Control of Microbial Epidemics, Including COVID-19 (Report, 6/18/2020)   (PDF)

"Contact tracing is essential to preventing another spike in coronavirus infections" (Op-Ed, The Boston Globe, 7/13/2020)   (PDF)

Strengthening the Public Health Infrastructure: The Role of Data in Controlling the Spread of COVID-19 (Report, 7/28/2020)   (PDF)